Slightly numb feeling is the best way to describe the old BMW M2 if you read any review. It is certainly, a very competent sports car but one that feels held back in almost every regard. Not the successor to the future classic 1M Coupé of 2011. There is however a reason this is acceptable, the M2 was never supposed to be a successor to the 1M Coupé and BMW made that very clear, with the colour Orange.
The original BMW M2 Coupé was never offered for sale in orange, a colour which for reasons I shall explain is BMW's little way of indicating classic status. The original 1M Coupé of 2011 was advertised primarily in Valencia Orange and is considered one of the best driving cars of the last decade. It was the ultimate E82 BMW and those who drove it, knew that. Indeed it remains one of my all time favourite cars.

The same can be said for the M3 GTS of 2010, available again, in orange. It represented the fastest, most extreme example of the E82 M3. Orange and good driving dynamics go together for BMW. There is some deep-rooted connection between brilliant, limited edition BMW’s and bright, lurid shades of orange. The ultimate, ultimate driving machines are orange.

Even the hit or miss M4 GTS had orange-gold accents and it was hard to deny it was more track focused and an arguably better car than the regular M4 Coupé. Perhaps if it had been painted entirely in gold the M4 GTS would have been the best car ever. 
It appears that BMW hints at how good their cars will be through the inclusion of orange. They knew how good the 1M and M3 GTS were and so offered them in orange. Likewise, the M4 GTS was hit-or-miss and so got a minor orange treatment. The M2 on the other-hand must have been a few pennies short of a pound and BMW knew this, hence the lack of orange paint. 

This brings us to the recently unveiled M2 Competition, available in Sunset Orange Metallic paint. The calling card of a brilliant BMW has been left, the car to define the F22 generation. The competition is the M2 the original M2 was touted to be but never became. The host of new features and remapped driving experience have  really played dividend in ensuring BMW have a proper, sporty coupé. The original M2 wasn't a bad car but we all now know that BMW knew it wasn’t their best effort.

(This article was taken from a magazine I self-published and has been subsequently edited for this website)

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